Matress Steam Cleaning Services by Cleaner Choice

Our members use the best available methods to ensure a wonderful result of clean, sanitised and deodorised mattresses.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Services in Melbourne 


We combine low prices and leading techniques to produce top value for our customers.  In bed is somewhere we should feel comfortable, clean and relaxed.  However, it can be difficult to enjoy when the mattress becomes too dirty, which is a problem that Cleaner Choice have been solving for many customers in the Melbourne metro region for many years. Even if you change your sheet regularly, buildup of allergens can trigger reactions such as athsma and hayfever and quality of sleep may be reduced.  Mattress cleaning is thus an important component of maintaining furniture in the home, potentially increasing the usable life of your mattress and improving the quality of life.  WE are able to steam clean mattresses of all kinds including those for baby, children and adults.


Did you know that mattresses build up ever increasing amounts of dust mites, bacteria, dust, fungal spores and persperation?


Improve your night’s sleep by giving give your mattresses a thorough clean that will help relieve symptoms of allergies by removing allergens such as dust mites and remove odours. Our expert cleaners leave your mattresses hygienically clean and smelling nice. Cleaner Choice provide a professional mattress cleaning service that will breathe life back into your mattress.

A cleaner mattress makes for a better bed.


For a clean, deodorised and sanitised mattress, you can trust us to make your bed a wonderful and safe place to be.  To book, give us a call on 1300 882 994.  Cleaner Choice are always flexible and will help you to find your desired booking time.  If you are unable to talk, click the 'get a quote' button below and we will reply with the price and time that will work for you.   

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