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Why should I clean my carpets?

Carpet steam cleaning is a process that prolongs the life of carpets, but that is not the only reason. If they are left too long without cleaning (more than 1 year) the dirt can cut into the fibres and become permanent. The same applies for spills and stains. After a while, these bond with the fibres and this is particularly true in heavy traffic areas such as hallways and around beds and furniture. By getting the carpets cleaned each year (or every 6 months if they are getting a lot of work), the carpets last longer, look better and will give you joy for years to come. Carpets aren't just more comfortable, they also trap dust (which is why it's important to vacuum regularly) and reduce the echo significantly, so that your home is quieter to live in. Hard floors produce an 'ampitheatre' effect where everything is two or three times as loud. So, give us a call or a message, we would love to help you out. Our service includes stain treatment and deodorising and we will steam clean and extract them for you and leave you fresh and clean carpets. Don't forget, we also steam clean rugs and seats!

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