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Cleaner Choice operators have undertaken extensive training in the field of professional steam cleaning, using the best detergents and steam cleaning extraction methods to ensure a wonderful result with professional rug cleaning, with sanitising and deodorising always included in our services. 

Rug Steam Cleaning by one of the best Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne


We are your best choice for a rug steam clean in Melbourne, with low prices and using state of the art tools.  Rug steam cleaning services require professional rug cleaners that understand the fibres of rugs, particularly whether you have a wool rug, nylon, polyester or mixed fibre rug.  Our company applies the best methods to produce the best possible results.  

Top rug cleaning services are available for home and office in metro Melbourne.  

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Will My Rug Be Suitable for Steam Cleaning?


This is a question that we are commonly asked, and almost always the answer is yes.  Rug and carpet fibres as a rule go through a heat treatment process in manufacture that makes them more resistant to dirt and stains.  Provided this has been done in manufacture the rug is suitable for steam cleaning.  This applies to almost all rugs that are store bought. One exception is heshin rugs, which can be steam cleaned but as they are not generally heat treated in manufacture, their dirt and stain resistance is generally poor.  Cleaner Choice recommend that rugs are steam cleaned regularly not only for sanitation and appearance, but also to extend the life of your rugs.  Over time, dirt fibres can cut into the fabric and reduce the lifespan of the rug.  If left too long, the dirt and stains may eventually set into the fibres, but generally this takes years and not months, so provided you get onto cleaning them annually (more frequently if you have a lot of traffic or pets), they will bounce back and look great.  That said, we usually find that in cases where rug cleaning is not done for some years, they still come up really well and look fantastic due to our techniques and tools.

Rugs in Living Areas and Entry Mats can particularly be a make or break for the cleanliness of a home.


Entry mat cleaning and doormat cleaning is also important, particularly if you have hard floors in the house, as the rugs will gather more dust.  Don't delay, get your rugs and doormats steam cleaned!  Give us a call now on 1300 882 994 to make your booking.  We are always flexible and willing to work with you for your desired booking time.

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