Tile Cleaning Services by Cleaner Choice

Cleaner Choice members have undertaken extensive training in the field of professional tile cleaning, using the best detergents and extraction methods to ensure a wonderful result of restored, clean tiles and grout.

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning


Floor tiles and grout become dirty over time, with the grout trapping the most due to it's position slightly below the main body of the tile. In order to undertake professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning, high pressure must be applied to the tile and extracted immediately.  Also, cleaning products are applied to the tiles in order to ensure that maximum dirt removal is achieved, leaving the grout clean and dramatically improving the appearance.  If the tiles or grout are significantly worn, they may also need to be resealed.  This helps prevent further degredation of the tiled area and helps in keeping both tile and grout cleaner.


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Dramatically Improve the Look of your House or Office with Professional Tile Cleaning.


Improve the appearance and cleanliness of your house or office with a professional tile cleaning service in Melbourne.  In addition, you will prolong the life of your tiles and avoid costly maintenance down the track.  If your tiles have seen better days, they can be restored with a professional reseal.  

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