Upholstery Cleaning - Steam Cleaning Services

by Cleaner Choice

Cleaner Choice members have undertaken extensive training and have widespread experience in the field of professional steam cleaning.  Only the best detergents and extraction methods are used by Cleaner Choice, to ensure a wonderful result of clean, sanitised and deodorised upholstery which includes lounge suites, recliners, dining chairs, office chairs, couches and car interiors.

Upholstery Cleaning Services by Cleaner Choice


Cleaner Choice are your best choice for upholstery cleaning in Melbourne, with low prices and the latest tools.  With so many choices of professional upholstery cleaners, it is often hard to choose.  However, we believe that it is possible to offer a cheap price for upholstery cleaning whilst maintaining top quality services.  As such, Cleaner Choice offers great pricing and top services to all of our residential and commercial customers. 


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Have you been disappointed to discover couches and seats that look dirty and stained?


Upholstery furniture items such as couches and seats are often the most significant investments in the home or office.  However, they can be something we don't always think to maintain.  However, before long body oils, contaminants, dust mites and permanent soiling cause upholstery to look old and worn, and if left too long can cause permanent damage.  But it can be difficult to know the best way to have it cleaned, such as what method of cleaning to use (dry cleaning or steam cleaning) and what will produce the best results.  Cleaner Choice can resolve these questions and clean furniture to make it look refreshed and remove dirt, stains and smells from your couches and seats, leaving them clean and sanitised.

Get the furniture cleaning you need, when you need it.

Don't delay, get your lounge suite, recliner, dining chair, office chair, couch or car interior steam cleaned!  Give Cleaner Choice a call now on 1300 882 994 to make your booking.  We are always flexible and will work in with you to get your desired booking time.

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